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Your Success is our Success

At SEACO our mission is to provide our customers with the products and knowledge necessary to make every project a complete success. 


Each individual application requires an intimate assessment of conditions and performance expectations unique to their application and environment.


With our extensive catalog of Exceptional MAPEI Products, Knowledgeable Customer Service and Technical Support, Logistics Services, and World Class Pricing we can help ensure that all of your projects are successful.


MAPEI Corporation, the division responsible for supporting the North American markets, is based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and employs over 1,100 team members - ranging from Manufacturing and R&D to Technical Services and Sales. All products for the North American markets are proudly MADE IN THE USA!                                     


SEACO Flooring is certified as a WBE or Women Owned Enterprise and is proud to be a distributor of MAPEI products in Idaho and Guam.

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